Patient information

Services we provide:

Doctors consults, nurses clinics, minor surgeries, COVID PCR tests, COVID RAT tests, COVID vaccinations, all immunisations, well child checks, flu vaccinations.

Repeat prescription:

Repeat prescriptions are for your regular medications only. There is a charge for this service. You will need to be seen by a GP at least once every 6 months to be eligible for this service. For controlled drugs, you will need to be seen every 3 months.

Pls fill the online request form under the tab “Repeat Prescription”.

Types of consultation with a doctor:

Standard face-to-face consultation: up to 12min. We understand that the allocated slot for a standard consultation is 15min, but please allow your doctor time to record your medical notes which is very important.

Extended face-to-face consultation: up to 25min. This is a very expensive option for complex medical conditions or multiple health issues.

Email consultation: You can email us if you have a straight forward question wanting an answer from the doctor. If you need to write a long email to explain your condition, pls book a standard face-to-face consultation instead.

Phone consultation: You can request this option if you want to see the doctor for a simple condition which does not require physical examination, but you either can’t physically make it to the clinic, or can’t obtain an appointment at your preferred time. The doctor will send you a text message indicating what time they will call you before they call. If you are not available to answer your phone during working hours, pls tell reception either you want to be called around mid-day, or between 1630-1700.

Your Test results:

Please note that it is our policy that we only inform you if your test result is abnormal. If you wish to obtain your test results, please register “manage my health” at reception which is totally free of charge. Once registered and activated, all your future test results will be sent to your email automatically.

Cancellation policy:

There is no charge if you cancel more than 2 hours prior to your booked GP or nurse appointment. If you fail to turn up for your appointment on time, or cancelled it within 2 hours, there will be a minimum $25 charge, up to $270 for a surgery/procedure.

For booked surgery/procedure: there is no charge if you cancel at least 24 hours prior to your booked procedure. If you cancel within 24 hours you will be charged half of the procedure cost. If you did not turn up for your procedure without notifying us, you will be charged the full cost of the procedure.